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Great Ways To Look Even Better On Instagram

The worldwide phenomenon known as Instagram has swept in a whole new wave of amateur photographers. Noodling around with a phone application has can easily lead to a life-long passion. Between the filters, the Gaussian blur and the “creative” photo angles using a phone produces, getting a reasonably flattering picture can seem like a challenge. Fortunately, there are a few easy, smart ways to make Instagram’s interface work in your favor. 


Choose your filters wisely

Did you know that differently colored lights can make your skin tone and hair appear prettier? It’s the reason soft, pink sunsets and candlelight are both known for their beauty-boosting prowess. The same holds true for Instagram filters. While you may like the lo-fi look of the Lomo-fi filter, the orange-brown colour distortion can make everything from under-eye bags to blemishes stand out.Try the Valencia filter if you have ruddy skin, or the Hudson if you tend to look a little grey or orange in photos.

Keep your chin down

Compose yourself before you shoot by tilting your chin down slightly. Careful or you’ll give yourself a case of digital fivehead. Try to hold your phone slightly above your head. Holding your camera below the plane of your face creates a “heavy” image that makes your chin and jaw look wider. If that’s something you want, then go ahead. Otherwise, try to keep your lens a little bit higher than the actual center of your face.

Know your lighting situation

Camera phones are notorious for taking dark pictures, so Instagram tries to compensate by offering filters that lighten things up. Sometimes, this is a great thing, and if your photos are dark, filters like Amaro; which basically mimics a flash and Walden can be a great asset. However, if you’re taking pictures under good lighting conditions or have a smartphone with a flash

Focus, focus, focus

If your camera has a focus tool, you should always use it before you snap your image. Why? You’ll get a photo that centres on what you’re actually interested in showing people and a well-focused photo is a prettier, more interesting photo.


We see our share of professional and amateur photographers coming to Digital Imaging Center to print a wide variety of things. Great results are quite achievable by the novice photographer with the right amount of luck, help and proper use of the technology at hand.


What’s the best piece of digital art you ever accidentally came upon or discovered on your film roll??  We’d love to see and hear the stories that come with them.